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"Let's Be Transparent, and We'll Bleed into the Unknown..." ~Thieving Irons


Let's be transparent, the fashion photo series... is a collaboration between, Artist~ Danielle DeRoberts, Photographer~Josie Perez-Ramondetta, and Model/Actress~Katy Parnello. Together the clothing was brought to life, which is inspired from DeRoberts' previous painting series, "let's be transparent, and we'll bleed into the unknown..." The collection was shot on location in Telluride, CO in the Fall of 2013.  After Josie shot these amazing images, DeRoberts' then created a layout using transparencies from her paintings to lay over and under the photos.  In a sense, painting into the images digitally, using the paintings as her brush.


The end result, 28 images that truly speak of what Onerary has grown to be. With long time business partner, Katy Parnello, as Onerary's muse, it completely came together.  


Artists expressively contemplate beauty in the world:


we are all artists. This collection exemplifies collaboration and artistic vision; held like lyrics ruminated at length and made manifest through line, layers, dimension and texture.


The creative process lacks linearity or finality and evolved over time elastically, literally expanding and flattening in cycles and mediums.


{ lets be transparent } We are in constant dialogue and narration with ourselves. Transparency is the depth of truths and layers we find within, reconnected with loving, soulfully self-nurturing whimsy.


{ we’ll bleed into the unknown } Perpetually accepting and traveling toward the unknown, amongst shadows and darkness, is an exploration fearlessly strengthened by trust in oneself.




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