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“ Let’s be transparent, and we’ll bleed into the unknown..” ~ Thieving Irons




We are never alone although sometimes we feel lost...


The universe and reality we create are constantly tipping us on what to do throughout our life path- we all have an internal compass, yet we can easily dismiss it. Sometimes we might hear a voice guiding us through a life changing event or even the most mundane of tasks. People have referred to this as a "gut instinct", while others refer to it as intuition.


This collection of paintings by Danielle celebrates trusting our internal (soul) voice while honoring our ancestral connections to loved ones no longer present in this version of reality. Existing in this physical reality does not account for the infinite universe.




Loved ones who have passed can and do exist as long as we allow them to- whether it be in thought, prayer, conversation, or daydreams. Every one of us has experienced some energetic transmission with someone who has passed. Many of us dismiss it as wild imagination, grasping at a memory too wild to share with others maybe for fear of seeming... different. Or we are fearful that we cannot explain these experiences through science or religion. It's possible the fear of our own mortality holds us back. But these experiences happen every single moment whether we look for them or run from them. Danielle's paintings explore the process of honoring that energetic transmission and the connection between the physical and non-physical world through loved ones.


These paintings were created by dreaming with intent and a need to honor this energetic connection. Each of us has this ability to connect in the same way we connect with each other. After all, we are all here to dream together. ~ Nate Martinez




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