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The Acoma House - Love Keeps Us Breathing... Rm 209

Created for Street Wise Arts- Summer Mural Series 2023- Collective Healing + Community- Located at 1701 Pearl st. Boulder CO - Between Spruce + Pearl St.


In my art practice - there is a constant, yet subtle, informing through creation- whether I’m aware of this or not— a vessel - opening "a way through" which then informs the viewer--as an impulse - a reminder of the deepest truths, of not only my personal  existence, but as a collective. 


These wild visions can act through oneself – as a conduit, signal of sorts. Channeling the creation while illuminating a hidden meaning.


The intention within this mural is to shine light on brain coherence/ brain health- with awareness of the pineal gland + its energy. As the brain is deeply connected to our hearts- the frequency of energy transmitted within our hearts to our brains radiates that energy outward to the physical world—mind body connection… for all to feel + receive. A healing activation antenna—  What if we all knew we held the power to heal ourselves + each other*** Create harmony in balance into an intimate collective vision.


The gift of meditation– to create personal heart + brain coherence in one's own life, to forge social coherence—harmonies reflected within those around us. To invite all to share in this daily practice on a larger scale, become global coherence that can enrich communities. A divine symmetry…  connection with the earth + each other. We can synchronize the heart + brain + breath–  to bring about this transformation.


Move into a state of Being– within the environment– in presence– communicate with your heart, body, mind + Soul + others– Knowing we are all able to install this neurological hardware—- Our intuition is in tune to the highest degree. *Tune in + RECEIVE* 


We are here in compassion for one another- to elevate- care for- share- collaborate— feel into our expressive selves—as restorative order begins to happen. Our Souls can speak to us in infinite ways– “in love, in coherence”- As one- we are the cure to wholeness + our Souls expansion. Believing is seeing - xoxonerary~

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