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Street Wise Boulder 2021 collab w/ Lindee Zimmer

This mural focuses on two amazing voices Ean Thomas Tafoya + Kamutaja Ãwa survivalinternational ☜ 
—- painted in collaboration with Lindee Zimmer 

Expressing through a unified perspective- While exploring the relationship between human time on the earth + our impact on the planet, through the use of geological time + people. Specifically focusing on BIPOC people.
So often environmentalism is seen through the lense of white people. — When the indigenous people of the earth have maintained a relation with the earth for longer. ::: Since the industrial revolution people have greatly affected the climate + other species on the planet. Those people are predominantly white.

✵✵✵✵It is time to finally listen to indigenous people + those being affected by climate change.✵✵✵✵

We are so thankful to Samuel + Madelene — who provided not only the physical space to make this vision come to life - but also the connected space internally - with so much openness + love.
Heartfelt thank you to LEAH ❤︎ + the whole Street Wise Boulder team!! Making a difference each day in our community ♡♡♡ so much love to you all ❥❥❥

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