SMART TRANSIT 

Operating between Mountain Village and Lawson Hill!

NOVEMBER 13, 2017

Words by Danielle DeRoberts- Transportaion  /  photo credit- SMART TRANSIT 





MOUNTAIN VILLAGE, COLORADO-  The towns of- Mountain Village and Telluride, have come together to support commuters, with a free, daily bus service between Mountain Village and Lawson Hill. It’s the first of many more stops that will be added to the SMART TRANSIT- bus service, starting November 17, 2017. The public transportation between Mountain Village and Lawson Hill has been long overdue. Today locals can be excited about an effective way to get around their beloved community without the need to own a car. It is a huge day for hard working commuters, as they can fully enjoy the benefits of a bus service that works in their favor!


SMART TRANSIT, San Miguel Authority for Regional Transit, is a local and regional bus service to and from places of work and affordable housing. The SMART Board of Directors is made up of elected officials from San Miguel County, Telluride, and Mountain Village. The goal is to help improve parking, environmental commuting, and enhance local transportation in the area making it more efficient for local commute and tourism. 


-SMART will provide:

• Bus service to Lawson Hill, Down Valley & Norwood

• Creation of pedestrian/bike trails that link hubs, park/ride facilities

• Consolidated carpool, commuter shuttles & van pools


-Long-Range Planning for: 

• Public transit, trails & related infrastructure that includes service for Lawson Hill, Down Valley, Norwood, Ridgway, Montrose, Ophir, Rico, Cortez & points in-between 

• Specialized services such as para-transit & medical appointment transport 












 “ What about the argument that we should house everyone in town, instead of busing them in? Well, not everyone WANTS to live in town. In 2011, when surveyed for the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, 40% of workers in Telluride and over 50% of Mountain Village workers actually preferred living elsewhere.

“ We ALL deserve dependable transit service, don't you think? ” SMART TRANSIT - Facebook page


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