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Feminine nature is not something separate from us… we are nature… connection with ourselves- becoming realigned with the wholeness of life.  “Soul is the invisible divine essence of the individual, of which the body, mind and intellect are the instruments for action in the world.”

“Live in Surrender '' explores the way through our deep rooted dwellings of internal environments. Captured through feeling, vibrations, the feminine being shines through form, as energetic/Soul portraits. Each piece brings to light a hidden harmony as an internal dialogue brings connection to human + being weaving through the body, illuminating energy, with spark and vibrancy, taking signals from our internal selves that we shouldn’t, but tend to ignore. Working through these dark and overlooked corners to overcome Womxns’ mental, emotional and physical health and the effects of trauma through many lifetimes. Raising our awareness for each other, starting with ourselves, and for future generations to come. Releasing the stagnation of emotional trauma built up through time in the womb, to not lead to illness in the body and overall deterioration of an emotional Soul state.


There are emotional attachments in which we can hold onto tightly, patterns that build up through generations. While honoring our maternal lineage we also unlock the parts that need to evolve, forging a new path. By noticing the effects of heavy emotional trauma and its manifestation in our physical health, we are able to address our overall “well being” energy and susceptibility to illness, particularly in the female body. We ask for healing support and begin to learn, through the process of honoring that voice inside - (a self important voice) moving away from imprinted ties of preconditioning by surrendering, to mend our bodies and our Soul. This transforms the way in which we contribute to the world- rediscovery into being, raising the frequency we put out- how it can empower all environments, humanity, and strengthen everything we do. Therefore bringing action into each of us, the world… collective consciousness as females--- an energetic charge, together.


As humans, we are always capable of improving the internal and physical environments in which we inhabit. Together we can uplift each other with ways to purify and cleanse of toxic circumstances in all areas of our lives. Live in surrender and let go of what does not serve you. 


I believe in advocating for internal Soul healing, to invoke emotion through every part of my process. As I weave through, to raise awareness and activate change through the art I create.


My intention is to create a feeling and healing internal environment for all who enter ♡

Thank you for welcoming this work into your heart-- as this work welcomes you~

Love Danielle...

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