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Learning to fly... Soul Flight >>><><<<





This series is a collection of self portraits inspired by the artists internal and external journey. Danielle has been painting portraits of others since her career started, and now challenges herself to face the audience and paint herself. She uses flight as a metaphor for soul exploration, breaking patterns and committing to self love, space and awareness. Taking inspiration from Pink Floyd and their lyrics from the song “ Learning To Fly,” Danielle guides us through her personal challenges by painting literally from the lyrics created, verse by verse. The fear and excitement of flying translates into the impermanence of sensations- both good and bad within our soul journey: “ soul flight”. Staying true to the moment, the artists intention is to inspire awareness by working on the darkness that guides her towards light. No self judgement, just possibility and a “state of bliss…”

"Perpetually accepting and traveling toward the unknown, amongst shadows and darkness, is an exploration fearlessly strengthened by trust in oneself."

“ The entire world and every being is chasing after pleasant experiences and sensations and fears and rejects the unpleasant. We readily embrace the light and fear the darkness. We don't need more light workers, we need dark workers: those that are willing to embrace and welcome the darkness that exists within each one of us, the pain and the suffering. Everything that has been carefully avoided. To see it for what it really is, just another choice less phenomenon arising and appearing on the screen of awareness. Then the reality can begin to dawn, that all of it is light, and there truly are no enemies... “ 
~ Leif Wold ~ artist/friend

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