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Inspired by the songs conceptual lyrics, "Kiss the dirt (falling down the mountain)" by INXS, and by a recent 18 day rafting trip down the Colorado river/ Grand Canyon. This is a series of drawings,  paintings and textiles, that play on the artists experience on the river and the emotion of the song working together. Initially created before the river trip, the lyrics coincidentally became a motto, reflection and guide for the trip itself. 


"Playing in the dirt... we find the seeds of love" 


Danielle seeks to convey the wild grit of the canyon walls...the sublimity of Havasu's blue green water... the deep hues of the canyon stone...moving light and lines of the river in flow and the twisting texture of driftwood. All the while a deeply human element unfolds; details of a personal moments such as, a friend braiding hair for each days journey on the water, and transforming that experience into a piece of art. This accomplished by taking those details- of art and life- that effortlessly fall into place by participating in moments so uniquely shared. 


Throughout the canyons eternal song, we learn how to live, pushing ones potential to things they didn't realize they could do... " kiss and tell all my fears..."  becoming better at living life thanks to the closeness of being with others in this environment- and the environment itself- digging a deep bonding experience spiritually and physically. 


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