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What defines a stable structure… both in a physical sense and as a metaphor for much more.


From moments of lost breath — to then- loss of a physical home. What is the connection between breath and home– survival. Breathing + safe “shelter”- safe structures of body and home. What if we all were free to live in peace knowing we have shelter physically- emotionally- from our natural world to homes created - to each other-— to provide a safe thriving space for all. Can being fully aware of your breath and its power guide you in times when you feel completely out of control- when this is the one thing you still have. Become clairvoyantly attuned in a sense. What if that (breath) was taken away too. But then brought back to you- to live in the utmost fullest you have ever before- what would that feel like? To heighten all senses, to be vibrantly aware- in awe–Life is meant to be lived —felt - for all beings*** with the rising support of each other —we can take our wounds + self doubt -transform this into a full bloom of possibility, with complete freedom of fear, to feel everlasting peace.


— Navigate Earth, Mind, & Body– SOUL. There’s so much healing to be found in using motion to process emotions, and align head and heart. Maybe this is why walking feels so natural- observing your surroundings from nature paths to today’s urban landscapes. Feet on the ground, to that place where things that truly matter are felt not just seen. Connecting to love and security through simple things. Maybe these are the secure structures- ones where inner peace begins to arise within you.


Can we bring in a new earth — How can we know a better way, help each other to this place~~a vessel of love–  what would it look like to have collective care - collective environmental care – collective housing care- collective mental and emotional care- That is reachable for all. This is just one of many blooming manifestations on this new ground. These are the sound structures that matter. Community and nature is the supporting structure- the shelter. We all deserve to be held to not pushed aside to be left alone.


What does building a house mean in a structure sense but also a spiritual healing sense?


—- To Envision + feel this—♡–stories that bring us together - keep us alive- where we make our world bloom — from deep in our imagination to reality.


The intention on the process of this immersive environment —


With a surge of energy– raise vibration - what makes you feel alive. I would like this install to be the outcome of that peace and blooming world. The light after lifting from the dark… 


Bright, soft colors- clearness - clear vision- Walls are living - breathing - moving- wide spread flowering- to symbolize the transformation of human behavior-compassion-what can you do to bring about this inner shift and accelerate it?


Hands holding up structure- metaphorically holding you up through trauma- Source- Spirit- Soul- threads connecting and sewing all together- unified.


My intention is to create a space filled with visuals and feelings of the positive outlook after it all falls down- in all ways- what comes next- what rises through the ashes– shifting the old paradigms that need to burn down to create a new and sustainable  structure- in emotional  sense and the physical- when we can breathe effortlessly with wide eyed awareness- are we truly compassionate - can we align our words with our actions–seeing-hearing–understanding— connecting to what truly matters. Thriving as we all can. A blooming immersive space for all to be welcomed, with life to be lived as a vibrant– loving, breathing being - believing…. and making that a reality for all.


From the housing of our natural world - caring for it - the earth - each other– bringing that natural world into our natural state of being*** and the vis-versa— our home + shelter in body/Soul/spirit and what we put into our physically created structures - 

Safe havens for all*** embraced- peace- within – peace without. To the joy of living as we are meant to be— healing phase to full aliveness.

Photo Credit for installation photos - Dona Laurita 

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