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Eyes Open, Everything Matters... RailYards Mural Project

☞☞☞A thread, as it weaves in the organic nature + urban design esthetic in which I have truly lived. ::: From connectedness in nature, to ourselves + each other, to urban communities we build, to one thread that ties us all together through + through. :: Nature- humanity. Within this rendering my approach to a mural transitioned, not relying on human figures to take presence in the piece, instead, abstract aspen eyes have stepped forward to convey this connection. :: Through years in Colorado, I discovered their unique beauty, energy and presence, they emote a sense of “all knowing wisdom” as one organism. :: To me they hold so much meaning + are a constant metaphor to our own human existence. —We are connectedness, we are nature, not separate - we are meant to collaborate, unite, take care of one another, support + inspire to raise each other's awareness while caring for our beautiful planet, homes, + where we live.


Every aspect of the environment matters, inner + outer. This is what this mural emanates.


⚊⚋⚋⚋⚊⚋a pulse⚊⚋⚋⚋⚋a feeling through lines, change of seasons, a feel of animals and insects, human essence to nature as seen as one vibration. ::: Not just one thing, but interconnecting parallel environments with the CO landscape with our human landscape. All through inclusion. We create expansion through the whole experience, Boulder too has become part of this experience, as it is now forever a part of my landscape. This piece is titled ---

—“Eyes Open... Everything Matters”

Boulder, Colorado
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