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:::::::Onerary, the painting side::::::: oneiromancy:::::::


Originally from N.Y. and San Francisco, CA- Danielle DeRoberts (Onerary) is a full time artist and collaborator :: painting, drawing, printmaking, textiles, fashion, mural art, graphic design + art installation. Danielle has been a resident of Colorado since 2012, spending part of her time in Charlotte, NC. 


Through a variety of techniques- working with reclaimed fabrics, natural dyes, hand embroidery, back lighting and expanding her creations onto walls, emotive/textured pieces spring to life--- transforming the two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional mural installations. You may even hear a song or two infused within quotes, to symphonize throughout the pieces.

From painting on fabric to painting on walls, Danielle challenges herself to explore different mediums to mimic a similar effect, which provides her with a sense of balance within painting tools. Metaphorically, this becomes freeing in the moment and leading to new discoveries of who the artist is and unbecoming. From art installation to public walls -that speak through its creator with anyone who comes upon them. Through her art, Danielle desires to create a relatable, immersive environment. A place where the audience feels secure + welcome to be their truest self. to interact, slow down and feel into what the narrative means to them. Through evoking emotion, Her paintings are dreamlike vessels of feminine healing activation for her to communicate and encourage others to move into their expressive power. Explore their internal environments to bring empathy + love - in + through each other + Our environments--- evolve + grow together.


While offering a sense of mysticism, DAnielle trusts in her own creative expression to inspire the viewer to connect with their own Soul voice + emotional being. With intention of -Honoring Soul- as the invisible divine essence of the individual, of which the body, mind + intellect are the instruments for action in the world....

~~~ Soul Love

::::::: :::::::

"Onerary became more than a word. It became a lifestyle. Infused with empathy, mysticism, art, design, creation, healing, collaboration, connection, meditation, living with intention… tying all the threads together. In concept, “Onerary” is a part of me encompassing all in one. It holds all the beings I have met along this journey, continue to meet, and carry with me, while releasing the parts I need to let go of. This translates into art and process, and has emerged into the feeling of, “Soul Activism,” I believe we are all instruments for action in the world, when we care for our internal environments we can truly become active in the world and fight for all humanity, activate Soul, and align with a spiritual purpose." From an interview with voyage denver- read the full article-


Onerary is derived from the word oneraria, to be in a dream like state...

"oneiro" Greek, meaning~dream~ 

oneiromancy... divination by means of dreams... oneironauts... explorers of the dream world...

This is the inspiration behind Onerary~ xoxonerary ------- /\ -------

“ The entire world and every being is chasing after pleasant experiences and sensations and fears and rejects the unpleasant. We readily embrace the light and fear the darkness. We don't need more light workers, we need dark workers: those that are willing to embrace and welcome the darkness that exists within each one of us, the pain and the suffering. Everything that has been carefully avoided. To see it for what it really is, just another choice less phenomenon arising and appearing on the screen of awareness. Then the reality can begin to dawn, that all of it is light, and there truly are no enemies... “

Leif Wold ~ artist/friend

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