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a/\union: “agree in referring to a oneness, either created by putting together, or by being undivided... harmony"   




With this, forms the concept for this series of paintings by artist Danielle DeRoberts: “A Union.” DeRoberts explores the intimate connections between the physical and non; between two sentient beings; between the metaphysical strands that unite us all. DeRoberts believes that we develop these unions on a constant basis, whether we are aware of it or not. Unions can be the simple and romantic- the love found between two people or the casual eye contact with a stranger down the street. Unions can be that between the human and the mountain, the dog and his owner, and even the experience found within one’s self. DeRoberts expands further on these concepts by incorporating the element of time; the idea that past lives communicate and unite throughout the human experience. This element is represented through titles such as “Timeless Awareness” and “Interconnectivity.”




Literally representing the concept of a union, DeRoberts incorporates cut and sewn layers of fabric that overlap with the next. In addition, you will see transparent dye merging two forms into one and interconnected thread throughout the installations. Taking cues from her Southwestern Colorado environment, the visitor will share light desert tones, deep flowing rivers of fabric ink and the simultaneously beautiful and haunting aspen trees from high in the hills of Telluride. The split images of two different canvases unite, as one final piece. 


As many familiar with DeRoberts’ work will observe, each piece incorporates song lyrics and inspirational quotes; a backlit illumination that creates a subliminal experience; and a foreshadowing of the next series

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